Our Services = Diversity!

Customers that have used Central One have raved about the seamless experience of having a one stop solution for their manufacturing needs. It not only simplifies the purchasing process by reducing several manufactures to one but it saves by reducing overall cost.







Plastic Injection Molding

When Central One first opened its doors we started with plastic injection molding and it has grown into our largest area of business. Our area of expertise is making quality and precision plastic parts for demanding industries. Customers tell us time and time again that we are simply one of the best suppliers of precision plastic parts.

Is it because we have year and years of experience? –Because we have some of the most advanced automated equipment? –Or because we have a strong passion for what we do?

We believe it is all these things and more.

Silicone Molding

O’rings, gaskets, cookware, toys and protective cases all common items that are made with silicone. Silicon’s main benefits include varying durometers, elastomeric properties and high temperature resistance. It is also great for food applications due to its hygienic, odorless and tasteless properties.

Central One has two types of silicone molding abilities LIM liquid injection molding and compression molding.
 LIM molding

is a process where two silicone components are injected into a mold cavity. Under heat and pressure the silicone cure and a finish part is ejected. LIM molding is generally used for parts that need a high level of accuracy or have 3 dimensional shapes.

Compression molding

is where a sheet of silicone is place in a hot cavity (think waffle iron) and press by heat into shape. Compression molding is the simplest, cost effective silicone molding solution. It’s ideal use is for gaskets and seals.


Metal Products

We simplify your sourcing and purchasing endeavors by offering variety of manufacturing services involving metal. Die casting, sheet metal forming, machining and custom screw machining are examples of the types of services we currently manufacture for our customers.

 Our current customers rave on how they originally planned to use us solely for plastic injection only to find out that we can dramatically simplify their supply chain and reduce the overall cost of the manufactured product.

Hundreds of thousands of metal parts have been manufactured by Central One. We have the experience and expertise to deliver quality metal products for your products success.