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About Us

Our company is a diversified contract manufacturer

We have plants in around the globe from Asia to the USA. Manufacturing parts globally has several advantages including a lower cost. Central One takes all the risk out of manufacturing your part because we manage the supply chain for you. Our goal is to make manufacturing your product easy for you. With our expertise and capabilities you can launch a product quickly and cost effectively.

Our Quality Certifications

ISO 9001

Standard for creating, implementing and maintaining a quality management system.

ISO 14001

Environmental and sustainability standard which creates a system to enhance performance

ISO 13485

Medical devices standard that implements quality management process for a highly regulated industry.

TS 16949

Quality management system that provides continual improvement in the automotive industry.

We help you from prototype to production

Our manufacturing capabilities are extensive and we save you time and money by offering a all in one manufacturing solutions. Several vendors are no longer needed reducing your supply chain.

We create together, work together, and always ensure our customers are our #1 priority.