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Plastic Injection Molding

We Have Your Injection Molding Needs Covered

We build your molds

in house

Many injection molders actually subcontract out the mold build. They have no control over the most critical part of setting up successful injection molding project. Here at Central One we do the entire mold build in house. This allows us to provide considerable cost saving and ensure a quality build.

We specialize in large volume


We have a lot of experience when it comes to large scale production. We have the processes and capacity to handle even the largest jobs. One major benefit we offer is supply chain management. We manage the logistics of incoming going sub components.

Supply Chain Managment
Large scale capacity

ISO 9001

Standard for creating, implementing and maintaining a quality management system.

ISO 14001

Environmental and sustainability standard which creates a system to enhance performance

ISO 13485

Medical devices standard that implements quality management process for a highly regulated industry.

TS 16949

Quality management system that provides continual improvement in the automotive industry.

We have many capabilities

Plastic Resin

We can mold any injection moldable resin. Examples include: ABS, PP , PC , PPS , PET , HDPE , PEEK, PEI, PMMA, TPE, TPU, TPV and many more.

Value added services

We offer many type of post processing services related to injection mold. These include: Sonic welding, Heat staking, laser etching, pad printing, silk screening, custom labeling and packaging

Industries served

We serve many industries including: Aerospace, consumer devices, medical devices, industrial, automotive, appliances, any type of electrical or electronic enclosure

Additional molding capabilities

We have many additional capabilities: insert molding, double shot molding, elastomeric molding, optical quality molding, robot takeout, multiple cavities


quality probe

How we succeed

At Central One customer stay at our focus. We believe that by putting the customer first and providing excellent customer service the project in turn will be successful.