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Silicone Molding

We Have Your Silicone Molding Needs Covered

The wonderful properties of


Silicone materiel has many unique properties that are beneficial to many applications. Silicone is elestomeric so it stretches and gives. Silicone durometer can range from 10A- 80A varying the feel and properties of the material. Lastly silicone is great for high temp applications.

ISO 9001

Standard for creating, implementing and maintaining a quality management system.

ISO 14001

Environmental and sustainability standard which creates a system to enhance performance

ISO 13485

Medical devices standard that implements quality management process for a highly regulated industry.

TS 16949

Quality management system that provides continual improvement in the automotive industry.

Our Silicone Capabilities

Compression, LIM and LSR

There are two main types of silicone molding. One is a thermoses process in which the silicone temperature is elevated to conform to the cavity. The other process is a 2 part chemical process where the material cures in the mold chemically. We offer both processes.

Advantages of Compression Molding

We have a large compression molding capability. Compression molding is very cost effective. The mold build is relatively simple and cost significantly less that a injection process. We can compression mold complex 3D geometries.

Industries served

We serve many industries including: Aerospace, consumer devices, medical devices, industrial, automotive, appliances, any type of electrical or electronic enclosure

Advantages of LSR/LIM

Compression molding has a higher up front mold cost however in large volume it is actually more cost effective due to a lower part cost. Compression molding is a chemical process so it is not reversed by heat. More stringent medical applications require compression molding due to its closed process.


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How we succeed

At Central One customer stay at our focus. We believe that by putting the customer first and providing excellent customer service the project in turn will be successful.